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Agroturismo Arkaia

  • Arkaia 13 C 01193 Arkaia (Araba / Álava), Euskadi – País Vasco., Spain, Vitoria-Gasteiz.

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  • Ecological footprint: 30.4 m2/person
  • Carbon footprint: 14.2 kg CO2/person

Responsible ratings


Energy efficiency 9.1

Number of rooms 5
Electricity consumption (Kw/h) 1.5262 person/night
100% renewable energy supplier Yes
Gasoil consumption (L) --
Propane consumption (Kg) --
Water consumption (m3) 0.4154 person/night
Natural gas consumption (m3) --
Fuel oil consumption (L) --
Biomass (Tons) 0.0108
Biodiesel consumption (L) --
Renewable energy instalation Yes

Authenticity 9.0

Information about local leisure and culture promotion 10.0
Traditional local decor 10.0
Local gastronomic offer 7.0

Customer satisfaction 9.5

Service quality 9.0
Room confort 10.0
Location 10.0
Value for money 9.0
Condition and cleanliness of the rooms 10.0
Perception of responsible management 9.0

Responsible behaviour 6.0

The hotel has a Sustainability Report or an Environmental Policy published to stakeholders Yes
Environmental management certification No
Support to Fair Trade products Yes
Ethic and healthy food /drink Yes
Respect and integration with the surroundings 10.0
Proportion of local suppliers 100 %
Number of waste types recycled/reused 4
Responsible communication and awareness to customers and employees 9.0
Collaboration in social and/or environmental projects Yes

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Recommend 1

  • Eco-friendly 1
  • Location 1
  • Gastronomy 0
  • Fair trade 1
  • Social Concious 1
  • Value for money 1
  • Design 0
  • Services and friendless 0

Number of rooms: 5

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  • It's a hotel which makes an effort to minimize the negative impacts and maximize the positive ones on the environment and local community, that is, attempts to be as sustainable as possible.
  • Moreover, it's a hotel that takes care of the customer and offers a quality service at a competitive price, because sustainability doesn't require to put confort aside.
  • On this web you will find detailed and reliable information on the performance of the hotels in this respect so you can evaluate them yourself.


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  • Colaboración en proyectos sociales y/o ambientales locales
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